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In addition to our weekly Sunday Morning worship service, which we  believe is the most important gathering of the saints on earth, at Hope we have other ministries we invite you to participate and/or volunteer in.   



At Hope we believe the Bible is inspired, inerrant, and authoritative in all matters of faith and life. Along with this, we believe that, unlike any other book in this world, the Bible is living and active (Hebrews 4:12). That is, it actually does something when it is preached, taught, and studied.

For this reason, at Hope Free Lutheran we desire to give opportunity for the continued study of God's Word outside of regular the Sunday morning worship service.

Here is our current Bible Study offerings:

  • Men's Bible Study, Saturdays @ 8am at Nana Lil's (51 Railroad St SE, Killdeer, ND)

  • Advent Study, first four Wednesday evenings in December

  • Lenten Study, each Wednesday evening from Ash Wednesday to Easter

Check the weekly calendar for up-to-date information on times and places

If you have requests or suggestions for additional study opportunities, please contact us

Bible Study

In the Lutheran church, confirmation instruction has always been an important aspect of our ministry. It is a way for those baptized into Christ and maturing in faith to be further grounded in the Word of God and instructed in the key doctrines, ministry, and life of the church. In other words, its chief purpose is not to graduate but to educate and make life-long disciples of Jesus Christ.  

At Hope Free Lutheran, confirmation instruction consists of two-and-a-half years of study, which culminates (if so desired and approved) in a student publicly confirming their faith in Christ and their desire to continue as a member in the Lutheran Church.

The two-and-a-half years of study include:

  • Studying through Luther's Catechism, which is a simple, clear, and faithful explanation of the key teaching of God's Word. 

  • Studying through the History of the Christian Church. 

  • Studying what a Christian worldview is and why it matters. 

Confirmation instruction is a once-a-week, one-and-a-half hour class, which takes place during the school year months (September-May). This class is open to anyone 13 years or older, including adults.

For more information or to sign-up yourself or a student, reach out to Pastor Gideon by emailing him at   


At Hope Free Lutheran, we have blessed with children and have a heart for children. That said, one of the ministries we love is Vacation Bible School (VBS).

VBS is a once-a-summer event for students in pre-school to sixth grade (ages 3-12) to learn more about God, His Word, and the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. At VBS students will enjoy Bible stories, music, crafts, games, and so much more.  

This event is free. 

Dates for VBS change each year, so check out the calendar and event page for dates and times. 

For more information, reach out to Pastor Gideon by emailing him at   

Sunday school

Sunday School
Although originally begun in England, the Sunday School movement has enjoyed a long history in American Christianity. And, even though it is old, it still serves an important purpose in the church today. Namely, to continue to educate the saints in the Word of God and the message of Jesus Christ. 

At Hope Free Lutheran, we believe in this purpose and, therefore, offer Sunday School for students three-years-old to adult. 

Sunday School takes place during the school year months (Labor Day-Memorial Day) following Sunday morning's worship service. 
For more information or to let us know if you are interested in attending, reach out to Pastor Gideon by emailing him at Sign-up is not required to attend.


Light Readers Book Club
Although not on par with God's Word, reading additional works of literature can be a worthwhile tool to continue being informed in the faith. For this reason, we offer Light Readers Book Club. This is an opportunity for people to discuss works of literature to be informed and encouraged in the faith.     

For more information on current books studies or to let us know if you are interested in attending, reach out to Pastor Gideon by emailing him at


Liht Raes

Seeds of Hope
Seeds of Hope is a mid-week children's program during the school year, designed for students pre-k to 6th grade. We share in Bible stories and memory, music, snacks, and games. For more information, click here. Or, feel free to reach out to Pastor Gideon by emailing him at 

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