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Building Project

In June 2023, Hope Free Lutheran went from renting to owning; moving from the High Plains Community Center to the former site of the Dunn County Shop (see map below). The Lord has been faithful in opening the doors and providing the means for us to secure this space. It's our desire that this will all be used to the glory of God. 

The following picture gallery include past and present looks at our new building.

New Map 2.0_edited.jpg



300 S. Central Ave. 

Killdeer, ND 58640


Future Sanctuary Space

We plan to strip the walls and ceiling of all unnecessary equipment and redo the floors and walls. Add a stage, sound system, and television or projector.

In the coming years, we may also remove the garage doors. 



Meeting Room/Large Class Room

This room will be the location of our morning worship services until the garage space is ready. After we move to the sanctuary, this will serve as a large meeting room/classroom. It will likely also be a fellowship hall area.


Pastor's Study

Along with a couple other rooms for Sunday School, this room is planned to be the Pastor's Study.

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